Who is Matt Clark?

Product Manager

At Indeed. The #1 job site in the world. Former Head of Product at Casting Networks. The #1 producer of software for talent agencies and casting directors across the globe.

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To an amazing daughter.


To the very talented Lena Gwendolyn Hill.


Once upon a time, he spent a summer in the heat of Austin, TX, making a film on his Aunt's ranch. Once upon a time, he shot a 35mm commercial for Traildust Steakhouse. Once upon a time, he helped the indigenous Yanomami people of the Amazon tell their story by animating Shapono; a book they self published.

Eagle Scout

At the age of 16, he received the highest achievement in Boy Scouts. A public badge to represent his profound love of nature and propensity for solitude. It coincided with his discovery of transcendentalism, which made him feel far less alone in the world.